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We saw some time ago on Youtube, a wonderful show of mentalism by Keith Barry that struck us particularly.

The famous Irish illusionist and mentalist performs during his show a series of illusions that we wanted to investigate.

We have already revealed a part of this show in another post called:


If you have not seen it yet, go the link above, or if you’ve already read the first part of the illusion revealed ,continues to read.

Enjoy the show.


After analyzing in the previous post the first two tricks , now take a look to other tricks of the show.

Now for the third trick ,Keith Barry calls two people in the audience, a woman and a man and tells them to want to run an experiment based on a technique voodoo.

In the first part, the woman is asked to close their eyes and not to speak until he asks him the mentalist.
It is natural that he asked not to speak, because once the girl close her eyes , he moves his arms very fast and touch the back without being seen.

If the woman had been able to indicate the time when it would have been touched immediately knew that Keith Barry has touched really showing to the public, instead only touch on the back man.

Have a look below and closely monitored the movements of Keith Barry when his right arm ends up behind the girl’s back at about minute 7:22.

Check carefully ….

Everything seems pretty obvious, of course, always only for our judgment, then judge for yourself.

NIn the second part of this trick, Keith Barry touched the woman’s arm and asked him if he heard something, but she stutters on the response, and it’s the same mentalist who offers him the answer asking him if he heard a sort of tickling.

Even here we have many doubts arise, because the woman has probably only heard the moving air of the arms of Keith Barry and in fact his answer is not certain and precise.

Now let’s dedicate to know the trick done with man.

As for the woman, have some doubts about it being a stooge, but we have not doubt about man. The man is a stooge.

Our doubts are justified and the reasons we explain below.

Keith Barry and the man sit down in front of a table. The mentalist asks his guest to close their eyes and to raise and lower the boom according to the “pressure” he feels.

In fact, in our opinion there isn’t “pressure”.
Under the table’s , the foot of Keith Barry touches the foot of his accomplice to raise or lower the boom.
The table with this long black tablecloth allows you to cover the movements of the mentalist towards his stooge.

When it’s the woman to dictate the timing of this trick, everything becomes much more noticeable.

We extract only the portion of the video that we judge most obvious, then, as usual, judge for yourself.

Check carefully the right leg of Keith Barry.
When the woman raises or lowers the arm, the mentalist move his foot to touch the foot of his stooge.

Of course remember that these are our SUPPOSITIONS.

Now let’s review the fourth trick, that of the bottle.

We have already revealed this fourth trick in an episode of Dynamo Magic Impossible and we invite you if you have not seen the video below to see.



If you’ve already seen ,how you can see, Keith Barry insert a small object inside the bottle.
As explained in our VIDEO ILLUSION REVEALED ,this small object can break the bottle because internally this bottle is very fragile.

Concluding with the help of BOTTLE BOLOGNA, in our opinion, do not need much mentalism, but only the right tools.

Finally the famous Spike Cup trick that we revealed in our video and that we propose below.


At the end of this post there is a question:

the woman present during the show is a stooge??

Among the latest tricks, Keith Barry manages to guess the name of her former boyfriend, just looking into her eyes.

Maybe actually uses the mentalism or maybe not … Surely every trick we examined led to think otherwise, but also deepen this to understand in the future if there is a real opportunity to read the mind.


   This is all and we apologize for our bad english language.

   Greetings from the staff of MAIUSCOLO.ALTERVISTA




Il video o l’articolo che abbiamo inserito è frutto di nostre supposizioni sulla possibile soluzione del trucco.Non siamo ne’ maghi , ne’ illusionisti e basiamo le nostre soluzioni su SUPPOSIZIONI che chiunque potrebbe avere dopo aver visto un trucco di magia. Nei nostri video non studiamo nemmeno gli strumenti di magia dei professionisti , per il semplice motivo che si perderebbe quella genuinità nella soluzione del trucco che è propria dei nostri video.

The video or post that we have included are based upon our assumptions about the possible solution to the trick. We are neither ‘magicians, it’ illusionists and base our solutions on assumptions that anyone might have after seeing a magic trick. In our videos/posts we do not study even the magic tools of the professionals, for the simple reason that you would lose that genuineness in the solution of the trick that is typical of our videos/posts.

Fatte queste dovute precisazioni il video o l’articolo deve essere visto/letto a solo scopo informativo , ben sapendo che potreste perdere il piacere dell’illusione.

Be warned that the video or post should be seen / read informational purposes only, knowing that you could lose the pleasure of illusion.



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