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The great magician Dynamo has done an incredible around London levitating next to a bus and remaining attached to the same only with the help of his arm.

Under the incredulous eyes of tourists and citizens of the capital, the great illusionist shows once again how it is able to amaze the public use with illusions and magic always innovative.

Below we show you the amazing illusion created by a collaboration of advertising Dynamo with the famous brand of soft drinks Pepsi




And now ….

How did he do??

To understand how it was possible this trick by Dynamo, we went back in time and on the internet we found a very similar illusion.

The German artist Johan Lorbeer had already tried in 2001 with several very similar performance which will show you the pictures below.


This well-known artist in Germany performs these performances , showing how you can win the “force of gravity”.

The performance is very similar to that carried out by Dynamo in London with the only difference that the English magician is connected to a bus.



To understand how it works this fantastic illusion , we have created a fake Dynamo ,you see on the side with the open arm ready to levitate on the bus.


The Illusionist wore a fake arm that was previously created.

In fact, what we show reported by the arrows is our fake arm that is attached to a metal frame that supports the illusionist during his performance ..


The right arm of the illusionist is well hidden inside the clothes and being shown to the public only the fake arm attached to the bus.

So concluding ,our opinion Dynamo manages to get this impossible position, hiding under the clothes on his arm and showing the real fake arm which serves as a support bar for the body.

On the internet we found these explanatory photographs of the photographer Federico Ridolfi and we thank them, showing the structure and the process of dressing before the performance of the artist Johan Lorbeer.

As you can see for yourself, you created a support structure which is then attached to the wall and the artist wears the equipment and show it in a confident way its stunning location.


This extravagant performer uses this equipment in all his performances and most likely the same Dynamo in his last illusion in London used a similar equipment with the difference that the structure was attached to the bus.


B elow please find the link to the website of the photographer Federico Ridolfi from which we obtained these images.





We also found a video of Johan Lorbeer depicting him during one of his performances and that we propose below.


   This is all and we apologize for our bad english language.

   Greetings from the staff of MAIUSCOLO.ALTERVISTA




Il video o l’articolo che abbiamo inserito è frutto di nostre supposizioni sulla possibile soluzione del trucco.Non siamo ne’ maghi , ne’ illusionisti e basiamo le nostre soluzioni su SUPPOSIZIONI che chiunque potrebbe avere dopo aver visto un trucco di magia. Nei nostri video non studiamo nemmeno gli strumenti di magia dei professionisti , per il semplice motivo che si perderebbe quella genuinità nella soluzione del trucco che è propria dei nostri video.

The video or post that we have included are based upon our assumptions about the possible solution to the trick. We are neither ‘magicians, it’ illusionists and base our solutions on assumptions that anyone might have after seeing a magic trick. In our videos/posts we do not study even the magic tools of the professionals, for the simple reason that you would lose that genuineness in the solution of the trick that is typical of our videos/posts.

Fatte queste dovute precisazioni il video o l’articolo deve essere visto/letto a solo scopo informativo , ben sapendo che potreste perdere il piacere dell’illusione.

Be warned that the video or post should be seen / read informational purposes only, knowing that you could lose the pleasure of illusion.



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