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During an episode of his TV show, Dynamo is in Miami and performs a trick quite simple, but very effective.

Dynamo is in a bar in Miami in the company of a friend who show a trick performed with two plastic cups.

The great illusionist managed to separate the ice from the drink from a glass of iced tea.

For our explanation we did not use the iced tea, but Coca-Cola, as each drink is functional for trick, the important that the liquid is colored and not transparent.

To see the simple illusion Clik in the video below.





The material to be used to perform this trick is very simple and takes 3 transparent plastic cups and a pair of scissors.


Now we take any of the plastic cups and cut it with scissors, as we leave intact the other two glasses.


Cut the plastic cup about half way with scissors and throw the upper part  while leaving the bottom.



At this point we take another plastic cup and create a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup with the scissor. The hole must have a diameter of about 1 centimeter.


When finished we will have three plastic cup : the first perfectly intact, the second with a hole in the bottom and the third cut in half.


Now insert the plastic cup with the hole in the bottom inside the plastic cup cut to half .In this way we have created a seemingly single plastic cup.



Now pour in the plastic cup  modified (plastic cup with the hole + plastic cup cut to half) a colorful drink with ice cube.


At this point we have the plastic cup  modified (plastic cup with the hole + plastic cup cut to half) with inside the drink and ice and we can start the trick.


Now take the plastic cup with the drink. With the little finger trying to hold the plastic cup cut in half and with the other 4 fingers  hold the plastic cup with the hole in the bottom.


At this point , approaching the plastic cup modified at other original plastic cup.

Now release the little finger and plastic cup cut in half (2) falls into the original plastic cup (3) . The plastic cup with the hole (1) lose the liquid inside the plastic cup cut in half. The liquid will go into the original plastic cup (3).

The ice instead present in the cup (1) will not fall . Because the ice is more big that hole we’ve created.


Of course, the movement of the plastic cup should be within the another plastic glass intact and performed extremely quickly to avoid arousing suspicion.

Dynamo performs this movement with a naturalness excellent, but we believe that with a good deal of training you can get almost the same result.



   This is all and we apologize for our bad english language.

   Greetings from the staff of MAIUSCOLO.ALTERVISTA




Il video o l’articolo che abbiamo inserito è frutto di nostre supposizioni sulla possibile soluzione del trucco.Non siamo ne’ maghi , ne’ illusionisti e basiamo le nostre soluzioni su SUPPOSIZIONI che chiunque potrebbe avere dopo aver visto un trucco di magia. Nei nostri video non studiamo nemmeno gli strumenti di magia dei professionisti , per il semplice motivo che si perderebbe quella genuinità nella soluzione del trucco che è propria dei nostri video.

The video or post that we have included are based upon our assumptions about the possible solution to the trick. We are neither ‘magicians, it’ illusionists and base our solutions on assumptions that anyone might have after seeing a magic trick. In our videos/posts we do not study even the magic tools of the professionals, for the simple reason that you would lose that genuineness in the solution of the trick that is typical of our videos/posts.

Fatte queste dovute precisazioni il video o l’articolo deve essere visto/letto a solo scopo informativo , ben sapendo che potreste perdere il piacere dell’illusione.

Be warned that the video or post should be seen / read informational purposes only, knowing that you could lose the pleasure of illusion.



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