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The great british magician Dynamo performs a wonderful trick with a coin and a can, in his incomparable style of street magic.

Dynamo meets people on the street and makes two amazing tricks in front of the eyes of those present.

To see the simple illusion clik in the YouTube video below.

Good vision.






We hypothesized an explanation to this wonderful illusion of Dynamo that you want to submit in the following tutorial.

But this time the explanation will be divided into two parts: the first part, the one that follows, we will show how it is possible to insert a coin in a can, while in the second part mostrermo as Dynamo manages to pull out a can from his shoe.

The coin is signed by a person in both sides of the coin.


After you sign the coin, Dynamo show the coin to the public. Finally, the english magician hides the coin, with the ability all that great magicians are able to do.


Dynamo now shows a can that is out of his shoe. This part of the trick will be explained in the next tutorial.

In the time that Dynamo shows the can to the public, takes back the signed coin that has previously hidden.

A few seconds after the public has seen the can out of the shoe, Dynamo takes the can and is getting ready for the final part of the trick.

When Dynamo picks up the can, already has in his left hand the signed coin. The coin is hidden between the thumb and the can.
Later Dynamo moves quickly the can so that no one notices the presence of the coin.

Taking advantage of the movement of the hand, Dynamo put the coin on top of the can always under his thumb. Now quickly shakes the can ,creating the movement of the gas , it ready to explode at the time of the opening. 

After thoroughly shaking the can , Dynamo is ready to open. The thumb is above the cap of the can while the index is above the tab. Pulling the tab with your index finger, the lid opens and Dynamo pushes the coin inside of the can. This movement is well covered from the spray of foam coming out of the can.

At this point you just have to Dynamo let out all the liquid from the can and show the public that the spectator’s signed coin is incredibly finished inside the can.

To make it even more realistic makeup, some mages, got into position like picture on the right, that is the thumb that hides the coin on the top of the can, move the coin bumping her on the small walls of the upper part of the can, simulating the noise that would the coin inside.


In conclusion, of course, be appreciated the skill of Dynamo in concealing the coin with great skill and speed of movement during the whole execution of the trick.



   This is all and we apologize for our bad english language.

   Greetings from the staff of MAIUSCOLO.ALTERVISTA




Il video o l’articolo che abbiamo inserito è frutto di nostre supposizioni sulla possibile soluzione del trucco.Non siamo ne’ maghi , ne’ illusionisti e basiamo le nostre soluzioni su SUPPOSIZIONI che chiunque potrebbe avere dopo aver visto un trucco di magia. Nei nostri video non studiamo nemmeno gli strumenti di magia dei professionisti , per il semplice motivo che si perderebbe quella genuinità nella soluzione del trucco che è propria dei nostri video.

The video or post that we have included are based upon our assumptions about the possible solution to the trick. We are neither ‘magicians, it’ illusionists and base our solutions on assumptions that anyone might have after seeing a magic trick. In our videos/posts we do not study even the magic tools of the professionals, for the simple reason that you would lose that genuineness in the solution of the trick that is typical of our videos/posts.

Fatte queste dovute precisazioni il video o l’articolo deve essere visto/letto a solo scopo informativo , ben sapendo che potreste perdere il piacere dell’illusione.

Be warned that the video or post should be seen / read informational purposes only, knowing that you could lose the pleasure of illusion.



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