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The great American illusionist David Blaine performs a magic trick very famous.

Meet two boys during a picnic in a park and show to them how he can restore an empty beer can in a full beer.

To see the illusion simple click in the video below.




In our opinion David Blaine performs this illusion with the help of two stooges.

The people sitting at the park are two accomplices who agree with the illusionist and they show marvel at the trick, but they already know how it will end the illusion.

In fact for this illusion it is necessary some preparation of the necessary elements to make the game prestige.

Here below is how it works :

The material to be used to perform this trick is very simple and takes : 1 soda can (Coke, Fanta, Beer, etc,,), a thumbtack and a black marker from the whiteboard.



One of the important elements is the marker that must be used for makeup. The marker must be black used to write on whiteboards , which are easily erasable.


At this point we prepare the can of Coke for the trick.

We use thumbtack to create a hole in the upper part of the can, where indicated by the arrow in the picture to the side.


After creating a small hole , we come out at least 30% of Coke and then compress the Coke can.

You have to compress trying to give it the shape of a used can and finished.


Now we will deal with the cap of the can.

Take the black marker and colored the tab on the cap of the can.

We try to colorize the top of Coke can with precision , because the public can visually check the Coke can , so it is necessary to do this properly.



At this point we have finished coloring the cap and our can of Coke has the appearance of an empty can and we can start the trick.

Now we can show the public our “fake empty can of Coke”.

When you pick up the can, you have to remember to close the hole ,previously created ,with a finger.

After showing to public the empty can of Coke, you begin to shake it until the gases contained in the Coke not push the walls in its original position.

Always remember to keep your finger to cover the hole that you have previously created.


Now continuing to firmly hold the can in his hand and continuing to hold closed the hole created , you can show the public that the can of Coke alone was “reformed.”



At the end without anyone noticing delete the fake hole created with the black marker hovering over them with one hand.

At this point after you have deleted the fake cap and reset the can due to the gases contained in the drink, we are ready to show the public the can of Coca Cola back “new”.


To conclude, in the video of David Blaine, the great American illusionist always keeps the can in the lower part, and then in all probability the hole was made in the lower part of the can.

Also as previously described David Blaine is made help from two stooges as the can that fetches is not over.

If you do not find a black marker from whiteboard, you can paint a small sheet of black paper, cut to the measure of the size of the tongue and attached to the cap.

When the time comes you will be able to make it disappear very quickly.

   This is all and we apologize for our bad english language.

   Greetings from the staff of MAIUSCOLO.ALTERVISTA




Il video o l’articolo che abbiamo inserito è frutto di nostre supposizioni sulla possibile soluzione del trucco.Non siamo ne’ maghi , ne’ illusionisti e basiamo le nostre soluzioni su SUPPOSIZIONI che chiunque potrebbe avere dopo aver visto un trucco di magia. Nei nostri video non studiamo nemmeno gli strumenti di magia dei professionisti , per il semplice motivo che si perderebbe quella genuinità nella soluzione del trucco che è propria dei nostri video.

The video or post that we have included are based upon our assumptions about the possible solution to the trick. We are neither ‘magicians, it’ illusionists and base our solutions on assumptions that anyone might have after seeing a magic trick. In our videos/posts we do not study even the magic tools of the professionals, for the simple reason that you would lose that genuineness in the solution of the trick that is typical of our videos/posts.

Fatte queste dovute precisazioni il video o l’articolo deve essere visto/letto a solo scopo informativo , ben sapendo che potreste perdere il piacere dell’illusione.

Be warned that the video or post should be seen / read informational purposes only, knowing that you could lose the pleasure of illusion.



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